Air Condition initiative

Air conditioners use about 50% of the electrical energy produced in KSA.

The percentage of highly efficient air conditioners is also low compared to other types, especially that manufactured by local manufacturers. In this sense, various government agencies concerned to eliminate this significant waste of energy due to air conditioners, by enforcing International standards and specifications to all air conditioners that locally manufactured or imported to increase their efficiency and reduce their consumption of electric energy, in cooperation with the private sector stimulus plan's office, implemented by Saudi Energy Efficiency Center.

The initial phase of the high-efficiency air-conditioners initiative was launched on October 29, 2018, which intended to promote and support local production of high-efficiency air-conditioners in the KSA, and to stimulate sales in KSA by providing an incentive to every citizen.

The initiative was fully launched in 2nd quarter of 2019, which covered all KSA regions and lasts for 24 months.

For more information about high-efficiency air-conditioners initiative, please visit the following website: Initiative for HVAC energy efficiency