A campaign (we changed it .. # Choose your color) to estab..

Riyadh | 2020/03/09

The National Energy Rationalization Campaign ends to keep its awareness campaigns during this year with a campaign (Instead of It .. # Choose - Your Color) that was launched and extends over the current month of October, as it specializes in new energy efficiency cards for electrical appliances with levels from red up to green, and that In order to establish awareness of the concept of the new energy efficiency card, and alert consumers to change the old card with stars, to unify the shape of cards and ease of understanding them.

This campaign comes as a complement to the awareness campaigns supervised by the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center since 2014, as part of several efforts and initiatives implemented in partnership with several government agencies operating as a single system within a national program aimed at controlling increasing energy consumption in the Kingdom according to a unified vision and strategy that contributes to reducing Excessive energy consumption.

The center aims through (# to remain) campaigns to spread awareness about the importance of rationalizing energy consumption in the Kingdom, and to provide guidelines that enable the citizen to reduce his monthly consumption at home and the vehicle and the financial burdens resulting from that by choosing electric devices and vehicles more efficient and rationalizing consumption and following behaviors that ensure lower consumption .

Like the previous (#To remain)) awareness campaigns, the campaign we changed instead aims ... # Choose your color, to reach all groups of society in the Kingdom, by spreading its educational messages through several different media outlets through road boards, and through the most prominent programs in satellite and radio channels, and by using networks Social media, popular websites and mobile apps as well as mobile educational exhibitions.