Economist / 4861 control tour of lighting products outlets..

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) - Riyadh | 2020/06/30

The eastern and eastern regions topped the number of violations of outlets selling lighting products that do not conform to Saudi specifications and standards, as the number of supervisory tours in Riyadh reached 924 rounds, which resulted in 169 violations, and in Eastern 973 rounds, it resulted in 150 violations. Five government agencies (the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Trade And the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality, Saudi Customs, and the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center) have conducted 4861 control rounds on lighting outlets in all regions of the Kingdom to ensure that there is an energy efficiency card on the products, resulting in the monitoring of 613 violating facilities.

The control rounds in the northern borders resulted in the monitoring of 11 violations establishments through 53 rounds, and Al-Jouf 169 rounds through which 8 violations were monitored. In Tabuk, the authorities implemented 297 rounds and only one violation was detected, and in Hail, the authorities made 450 rounds, resulting in 45 violations.

Madinah recorded 42 violations through 243 rounds, and in Qassim 443 rounds resulted in 23 violations, and in Makkah Al-Mukarramah 606 rounds resulted in 50 violations, and in Al-Baha, the supervisory authorities conducted 71 rounds that resulted in 11 violations, and in Jazan 202 rounds resulted in 25 violations In Asir, 241 rounds were observed, during which 52 violations were detected, and in Najran, 189 rounds resulted in 26 violations. The violations included: a lighting product that does not carry the Saudi Energy Efficiency Card, and a lighting product that holds a European card without the presence of the Saudi card, in addition to a lighting product that has a non-colored card ( Black and White), or a lighting product that holds the card as a poster and not printed.