Efficiency: “Thermal insulation” protects the house from c..

Saba newspaper | 2020/06/28

(Thermal insulation) is defined as reducing heat transfer through building parts, especially (walls, ceilings, and windows), and its external elements, whether from inside to outside, as in winter (thermal loss), or from outside to inside, as in summer ( Thermal gain).
The Saudi Energy Efficiency Center "Kafaa" said: The "energy efficiency" measurement of thermal insulation materials is done through (thermal transfer) for all external building elements, that is, what is known scientifically (U-Value), so the lower the value of the heat transfer coefficient (U- Value) The higher the energy efficiency of a building material.
And that the application of thermal insulation in buildings contributes to reducing the electrical energy consumed in air conditioners, and heating between 30 to 40%, and the use of double and reflective glass reduces up to 5% of the conditioner’s consumption of electricity.
The owners of buildings recommended the use of light external colors of the building because it reduces heat absorption (thermal gain). The center confirmed that the cost of thermal insulation in the buildings and according to recent studies (walls - ceilings - windows) ranges between 3 to 5% of the total cost of the building, which is an acceptable cost Given the enormous benefits that will accrue to the citizen and the country from implementing thermal insulation applications and spreading its use.The importance of applying thermal insulation in buildings according to specialists in maintaining a moderate temperature for a long time inside the building; This reduces the operation of air conditioners, or heating. Its impact is reflected on the consumption value in the electricity bill, 'as it reduces the high costs of operation and maintenance, and extends the life of appliances and home furniture, in addition to extending the life of the building, reducing structural cracks, fire resistance, and reducing structural loads due to the lightness of the materials used in it, and environmental protection.